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Fraud e-mails

We experience repeated attempts to lure passwords from LIANE users under a false pretence of system changes. Don't respond - read the Fundamentals of fraud mail protection for detailed information and recommended behaviour. See also the fraud e-mails overview.

Tools for Distant Learning

We have prepared recommendation of tools which can be used for distant learning and communication with students. See Distant Learning page for details.

Internet outage on 1st of May

There will be an Internet outage on 1st of May from 6 to 8 pm. We will move the DHCP server and the mail server. Computers starting at this time will not obtain an IP address, mail sending and receiving will be stopped. Communication of sooner started computers which already obtained an IP address shall continue.


TUL members can now use MATLAB and other Mathworks software, more info at MATLAB.

Certificates for eduroam will be changed

On 2nd March 2017 at 13:00, we will change the certificate authority used for your authentication in the eduroam Wi-Fi and the dormitory wired network. It is necessary to add this new certificate authority into your systems. Otherwise, you will not be able to log-in to the noted networks.

Further information:

Majority of platforms support multiple certification authorities in parallel, so it is possible to install the new authority now. However, Android older than 7.1 is able to use just a single authority, so delay the installation until 2nd March for this platform.

Software by ANSYS

University purchased an academic software package ANSYS Academic Multiphysics Campus Solution, more info at ANSYS

Current fraud mails

Attemtps to cheat our users are running again and again. Here are the last fraud e-mails:

Executables in e-mail blocked

Due to the next wave of attacks of viruses sent in e-mails, we decided to block all e-mails containing executable programs in our mail transport system. If you need to send somebody a program please use or similar file-delivering service.

Automatic configurator for dormitories network and eduroam

We prepared a program to configure user authentication at a computer connected to the dormitories network and/or wireless eduroam network. A description can be found in:

Certificate of authentication servers will be changed

Because of the close-down of the CESNET certification authority, our authentication servers switch from certificate released by CESNET CA to a globally accepted certificate from AddTrust CA on 1st October 2011. This change influences the connecting to following networks:

  • eduroam
  • dormitory
  • Hanychov lodgings

If you connect to some of these networks, you must enable the AddTrust External Root CA until 30th September. Otherwise, your computer will not be able to connect from 1st October.

There is a guide to change the certificate available.

We apologize for caused complications. Reasons for this change are out of our control.

Disappeared e-mail folders

Some users missed some e-mail folders after the IMAP server upgrade in the mid of September. Don't worry, all the correspondence remained intact. You just have to re-read the folders in your mail program:

  • Thunderbird: Right-click on the name of your account above the folders menu and choose Removal manager from the context menu. Press the Update button and configure which folders to display.
  • Outlook Express: Right-click on the name of your account above the folders menu and choose IMAP server folders from the context menu. Press the Update list button and configure which folders to display.
  • Webmail: We recommend to perform the change in the traditional interface. Open the Mail options and choose Server and folder information. Here you have to switch on the Use IMAP folder activation. Select Folders from the main menu and click on the Show unactive link above the folder list. Check folders you want to show and select Subscribe from the actions menu.

Change of office hours of Harcov LIANE administrators

LIANE administration at Harcov changed the office hour slightly. It is available evenly now - from Monday to Thursday from 17 to 19. See Liane at Dormitories.