Manual configuration of dormitories connectivity

We recommend to use automatic configuration program described in the Liane at Dormitories section to configure your computer. Manual configuration can be performed if the program fails.

The first step: Connect

Connect your computer to the network socket.

You probably need not to do anything else in the first step. The required automatic configuration of network parametres through DHCP protocol is the default set-up by contemporary operating systems. (In the case of problems see our network card configuration in Linux guide.)

Network traffic of your computer is blocked until you meet requirements described in step two.

The second step: Configure the authentication

You must configure authentication mechanism 802.1X for your computer to communicate adequately. If you do not have the password for remote access, create it. Then

depending on the operation system that you use.

When the authentication is successful, your computer will receive IP address form the school address range (i.g.: Access to the LIANE network and to the Internet will be opened.


Formerly, unauthenticated computers were able to communicate in a limited manner with selected servers. For example, it was possible to read this guide or to download the certificate. Once we allowed to connect multiple computers to single socket, we had to cancel this feature due to the limitations of our networking hardware. We consider it to be a lesser harm.