Every registered user of LIANE network has assigned an e-mail address in the form:


where the firstname.surname on the beginning corresponds to the username. Mailbox size is 0.5 GB.

For backward compatibility reasons, we still support the previous domain of our university vslib.cz. Incoming mails with this domain are delivered to the same mailbox of the same user. Destination address is automatically rewritten to tul.cz. Don't use the vslib.cz domain, please.

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Technical information

The core of the e-mail system contains three servers:

  • mbox.tul.cz - receives the e-mails and operates mailboxes of LIANE users
  • webmail.tul.cz - provides a WWW interface to the mail system
  • smtp.tul.cz - ensures mails delivery; it relays mails from LIANE users to the Internet and also delivers and checks incoming mails

How to use the mail system

There are two basic options how to use our mail system:

  • Dedicated mail application like Thunderbird or MS Outlook is the more powerful way. It provides faster responses and more potential. Its drawback is that you have to configure the application - set up servers and other stuff.
  • Web interface does not require anything else than a common web browser. This is the simpler way to access your correspondence but the user comfort is a bit limited.

Both options share the same mailbox. Any operations performed by mail application involve the contents of web interface and vice versa. So you can combine both kinds of e-mail usage as necessary.

Configuration of mail program

Particular configuration dialogues and options depend on your e-mail application. Read the documentation to find how to set up following values:

  • mail receiving: IMAP protocol (exactly IMAP4) with SSL encryption, server mbox.tul.cz, port 993
  • mail sending: can be done by several ways; we sort them from the best to the worst one:
    • SMTP protocol with SSL encryption, server smtp.tul.cz, port 587 (requires username and password)
    • SMTP protocol with TLS encryption, server smtp.tul.cz, port 25 (requires username and password)
    • unencrypted SMTP protocol, server smtp.tul.cz, port 25; usable only inside the TUL network; e-mails from the outer Internet will be refused

Mail forwarding

Incoming mails may be automatically redirected to arbitrary address - for example to some public mail service if you prefer to use it. To activate this behaviour go to the mail configuration form, activate the forward to address switch and fill in the desired destination mail address. By clicking the Save settings button the forwarding starts to operate.