Operating Regulations of LIANE Computer Network

LIANE network is made by cable distribution and connecting components (repeaters, bridge, routers, microwave links) and covers all other connected equipments (computers, servers, computer classes, backuping sources, modems and so on). User of LIANE network is a person who makes use of central services of network LIANE.

Administrator of LIANE network is SOS/SIS (network operational and informational centre). For communication with SOS/SIS is possible to use e-mail liane@tul.cz.

Access to LIANE network

User of LIANE newtork can become every employeer or student of Technical university of Liberec, who

  • fill form "User registration" (placed on every study department of each faculty).
  • by his/her subscribe commits to adhere to these rules.
  • approve his/her student/emploeers relation by confirmation of institute director or by study department (students)

After sending the form to SOS/SIS LIANE is user registered and accounet is created for him. This account is provided for

  • employeers of TU Liberec on indefinitely time, ending with end of their employment
  • students TU Liberec for one shool year. Validity of account os automatically enlarged for one year in th case when student signs himself for next shool year by the list delivered from study departments. So student's account is valid whole period of studies.

New users gets his username and password. He is obliged to change his password after first login. Validity of password is limited by time. After its expiration system echoes message:

Your password has expired.

and user is forced to change his password. User is obliged to keep his password secure and takes the reponsibility for a claims caused by result of abuse of his account.

Central services of LIANE network

Central services of LIANE network are provided for all of its users. It covers all services offered by central servers of LIANE network. These are especially:

  • e-mail
  • interactive access to services of computer network LIANE
  • possibility for use of instaled progam equipment
  • limited disc space for individual use

User responsibilities

LIANE user is responsible:

  • pay attention to security of his user account.
  • pay attention to not to bring virus infection to central LIANE equipments.
  • behave during the use of services by way, so other users aren't disobliged.
  • inform SOS/SIS about all relevant incidents (change of user name, change of institute, finiching emplonment).
  • By filling form "Computer registration" register every new computer, inform SOS/SIS about changing network card or moving the computer to other segment (to other building).
  • Inform SOS/SIS about detected defects in network security.
  • Inform SOS/SIS about planned absence, when duration exceeds three months (account will be during this time closed, so it is protected against possible misuse; e-mail is functioning without changes).

Forbidden activities

It is forbidden to:

  • Copy and carry away commercial program equipment installed in LIANE network.
  • Trying to intersect to the systems, which isn't user allowed to use.
  • Encroach on cabling and connecting items LIANE including their power-off without significant matters.
  • Damaging or enabling of damage program or technical equipment of network.
  • Connect to LIANE any equipment without consulting it with SOS/SIS and without its agreement.
  • Connect ro LIANE equipments, which doesn't meets the standards and can cause health hazard or person's life, damage of network or other equipment or negatively affect network traffic.
  • Make use of any LIANE service for commercial purposes (trainings, providing information and data from the network, communication with customers and so on).
  • Make access of LIANE service (user account) to other persons.
  • Use LIANE in conflicts with laws.


Administrator of LIANE is entitled to:

  • Distribute adresses and names of computers connected to LIANE network.
  • Switch off network segment, which prohibits the traffic by its load or failure.
  • In the case of unfair use of operating instructions close account for some time or totally invalidate an account of corresponding user.
  • Monitoring a network traffic (for example for diagnostic purposes).

Expiration of account

User account in LIANE nework ends:

  • On user demand.
  • For employeers by end of employnment on TU Liberec.
  • For students by end of the studies.
  • In the case of breach of discipline when using LIANE network.

Services of non-central computers

Rules for use of servers (or computers with multiuser opration system) installed in TU Liberec, which aren't in SOS/SIS administration sets a user registrate administrators of these servers. Administrators are obligate:

  • Consult connecting of server or computer with multiuser opration system to LIANE with SOS/SIS beforehand.
  • Consult changes in technical and program equipment, which can bear upon connecting the computer to LIANE.
  • Ensure that eventual anonymous user or user of their somputer, which isn't employeer or student of school don't have access to any service but in in this computer.

If computer offer services which aren't running on it, administrator is responsible for making the rules of computer use and their abiding by the computer users. If administrator isn't capable to preserve correct behaviour of the users of computer administrated by himself, this computer will be switched off from the LIANE.


Don't keeping of these rules by employeer of TU Liebrec will be considered as violence of basic responsibilities of worker by s. 73 par. 1 c) and d) law-book of work. Contravening of these duties is contravening of work discipline and TU can apply its rights to draw consequences, ending with end of employnment. About disputable cases decides rector.

When student of TU Liberec don't keep these rules, this case is considered as violence of responsibilities resulting from law 172/1990 about high-schools 26 par. 4. In unity with this law and statut of TU in Liberec provot of faculty or disciplinary committee can set disciplinary punishment.