User in Network

How to get a user account

Accounts in LIANE network are automaticaly created to every student of first class by the data supplied by study department of each faculty. These accounts are valid whole duration of studies.

Users are obliged to keep Operating regulations of LIANE computer network.

Passwords in LIANE network

Most services provided by the LIANE network are protected by one of two passwords - the central password or the remote access password.

Central password

Within the scope of creation of account, every user gets his/her central password to LIANE network. This password is used by number of services as access to e-mail, new order system of student's hall (menza), use of Shibboleth etc..

Central password can be changed by three means:

  • By using the password change form. This is the standard way. If changed this way, the password is valid for three years.
  • By using the password change via SMS form. This method can be used in situations when - even though you don't know your central password - you have a phone number recorded in your account.
  • By visiting the study office or LIANE administration where the password may be changed for you. Personal presence with ID card is required to change the password. Password created this way si a temporary one. It lasts only five days (like the new one) and must be changed by the on-line form.

If your password expires, you have seven emergency logins more. Use them to access the on-line form to change the password. You forfeit your password otherwise and you will be not able to use network services any more. So change your password on time. Notice for on-coming expiration is sent by automatic e-mail to you.

Remote access password

Except central password you can create also password for remote access to network. It is used to connect to some parts of the network like the Wi-Fi network, network at dormitories, phone access or VPN concentrator.

This password is created and managed by the user personally. The procedure is described at the Creation and change of remote access password page. LIANE management is unable to provide any help regarding this password. If you forget it, simply create a new one.

Validity of remote access password is unlimited. In consequence, its change is not obligatory. Despite this we recommend to change it in reasonable intervals.


Some services are not connected to the LIANE authentication system and use separate passwords. This is a consequence of technical limitations of corresponding programs which lack support for LDAP protocol. We try to fix this situation over time and to control access to all services provided by LIANE by the common passwords.

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