How to set up a VPN

VPN usage requires an installation and configuration of a dedicated program - the VPN client. There are several options to set-up the client side. The most comfortable is to use the web interface. Alternatively, you may install the required software manually.

Cisco AnyConnect Web Interface

The web interface is the simplest and recommended way to connect to VPN. It works on all common platforms, you may notice just some minor differences (i.e. the look).

Use your web browser and open In the login form, select the group (see above), enter your username in the form and the remote aceess password.

AnyConnect login

If authentication succeeds, a web VPN interface opens and shows the connection progress.

Connection progress

If this is your first VPN connection, the required software is installed automatically. You don't need to configure anything, just confirm the installation. If the software is already installed (from previous connection) it just connects to the VPN. All procedure finishes by the connection to VPN which is announced by the corresponding icon in the lower right corner of your desktop.

Successful AnyConnect connection

You may get information about the traffic by clicking the icon. It also enables you to Disconnect/Connect the VPN connection.