Virtual Private Network

You may connect to LIANE from common Internet over Virtual Private Network (VPN).

General information

VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and a router in LIANE. This tunnel will carry all your data. Your end of the tunnel obtains an IP address from the university range ( which enables you to access services restricted to university addresses. VPN behavior depends on the group to which you connect. There are two options available:

  • TUL - all traffic of your computer (excluding the packets addressed to the local network) is transmitted through the tunnel to the VPN concentrator in TYL network and then forwarded to its destination. Use this option if you want to access external resources available exclusively from TUL addresses.

  • TUL_only - only the traffic addressed to some TUL address is carried through the VPN. Packets with destination somewhere else in the Internet are transferred normally, out of VPN. This option provides more efficient data transmission, but it enables access only to the resources located in TUL network.

The connection is implemented by a Cisco router. It is available from the majority of common operating systems.

VPN usage requires an installation and configuration of a dedicated program - the VPN client. There are several options to set-up the client side. The most comfortable is to use the web interface. Alternatively, you may install the required software manually.