About LIANE network

LIANE is computer network of technical University of Liberec. About 6000 computers are connected to this network and there are about 10 000 registered users.

Network administration - contact information

Administrators of LIANE network are located in building A in the last floor of this building (room 04023). There are solved problems with lost passwords, problems with wi-fi etc. Please, visit administrators only during office hours:

Day morning afternoon
Monday 10:00–11:00 14:00–15:00
Tuesday 9:00–11:00 -
Wednesday 10:00–11:00 14:00–15:00
Thursday 9:00–11:00 -
Friday 10:00–11:00 -

LIANE at dormitories has its own office located in Harcov (basement of building B). See more in the Liane at Dormitories section.

If you need just to change the password contact your study office, please.

Every user of the network must follow Operating Regulations of LIANE Computer Network.