Creation and change of remote access password

There is a special password dedicated to the remote connection to the LIANE network (over Wi-Fi, network at dormitories, or VPN concetrator). Some internal mechanisms transmit this password in an unecrypted form so the security of this password is low. We strongly recommend to use different password for this purpose than your central LIANE password (which protects acces to e-mail and other services). It is your concern to use a password which differs from passwords you use for services important to you. Higher frequency of its changes is desirable.

You can create or change the password through a form at

There you must fill in your username (in the form of and your password to LIANE network. Enter the password, which you are setting up or changing, twice into remaining two fields. Repetitive setting of the password, which you wish to use for remote access to LIANE, eliminates typing errors – when the two password exemplars do not match, the change is not carried through.

Make sure of the keyboard layout before you enter the password!

Minimal length of the password for remote access is 6 characters. This password must be different from internal password that you use in LIANE network.

You will be informed about the result of the operation. When it is successful, you can start using Radius password for external access to LIANE network or to connect to Internet at other eduroam project sites.